Return / Refund Policy

All purchases and projects at Content Creators carry a 7-day project initiation guarantee. Please read the guidelines below governing the refund policy.

We issue refunds if the following criteria applies:
Request of the refund is within 7 days of project initiation at which time a calculation will be made for the hours we have already worked on your project at the rate of $155.00 per hour. We will provide written details of this work.  Also you may request if there is any issue with installing, configuring, functioning or initiating your project or content or if our support team unable to fix your problem during the first 7-days after receiving payment or deposit. During the first 7-days of project initiation, we will communicate together and you’ll interact with our products/services on your project. If during this first 7-days, you are unhappy and would like to ask for refund, depending on our hard costs already into your project we will negotiate with you to find an effective compromise at which time a partial refund will be duly processed back for you. If we have no hard costs, your full investment will be returned to you. There are no refunds after 7-days due to the nature of the work.

We do not issue refunds if the request are:
After 7 days of receiving our initial deposit or total project payment because in most cases we have already begun the bulk of the work. Since most of our work is done at different phases and often times front-loaded, where the bulk of the work is needed up-front prior to even starting design or development, after 7 days of your initial purchase we are unable to provide a return or refund. Please note that there are times where there will be more action on your account or project and times that there is less action. Although you may not see the content changing on your site, we are often times working behind the scenes on search optimization or web content definition for your site or your competitors site to better help you rank in web search.

Peak Pricing:
Due to the nature of the work and variability of our project schedules, from time to time we will make price concessions or increase pricing based on our availability to work on your project. This is called peak-pricing. What this means is that you may find us charging more or less for your same project depending on how busy we are in any given month. Clients are not entitled to matched-pricing for any other project other than your own. This means that even if are able to reduce the cost of your project, no other client may come to us and request reduction in pricing nor can you. It also means that we will not come back to you and charge you more just because another client is charged peak pricing.

Updates to the refund policy
This refund policy can be updated at any time, without prior notice and is applicable immediately for all clients, subscriptions and subscribers. It is considered an integral part of our Terms of Service and its acceptance is mandatory for all users. If you would like a copy of any changes that are made to this policy, please contact us and we will add you to that email list.

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